The FuturaMix Crew: DJ MISTER VIKTER

As a kid was influenced by the legendary jocks of W.B.M.X. fm and W.G.C.I. fm.

Has been in the mix since '86. It was that first year when he started spinnin' Italo Disco, Hi-Energy, and the fresh sound of House music. Played for friends parties, block parties, and family gatherings at the age of 13.

Hip-House was his sound during the Party Crew years of the late 80's. As the decade came to a close he was programming New-Wave and Industrial DJ sets.

During The 90's Vic was dropping many styles that ranged from Undergroud Hip-Hop to Alternative Rock, From Deep House and Hard House, to Techno and Juke. He had the opportunity to showcase his sound as a returning guest DJ to local radio stations 90.5fm W.C.Y.C/ and later W.R.T.E. plus 88. fm. W.C.R.X.

During the Y2K years Dance-Hall, Reggae and Latin music was fused into his all night club sets. As a result of his passion for House and Latin grooves, he produced a Jazzy/Tribal track titled "It's Alright" (You Know). It was released on Lego's Chicago imprint, Poontin Muzik in Dec. 2009. Soon after he was invited to do remixes for Andre Harris, Funk Agenda, and many others.

24 years after droppin' the needle on his first record, he continues to develop his versatile style by blending elements from many genres into his sets. Currently in the studio searching for the right mix of sounds and rhythms that will connect with the masses in 2011 and beyond. In 2010, Victor M. along with four other highly-respected DJS came together to form the FuturaMix Crew.

No one has asked him when he's going to retire but if anyone does he will humbly reply QUOTE "the day I retire is the day they stop calling".



@ PINT (9:30pm-3am)
1637 W. North Ave.
"PINT Pub & Lounge!
Take in DJ Mister Vikters' sounds, blends, musical selection & feel the vibe @ Pint every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.
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